"Breath taking" is how I would describe spending two weeks with Helen Palmer, David Daniels and team. The program was challenging and stretching but at all times I felt safe, supported, valued and upheld. The course was professionally run, well organised and comprehensive. I learnt so much about myself and others as well as making life long friends from all over the world. I highly recommend this learning experience to anyone interested in making positive and lasting changes in their lives. I will, as a gift, offer this course to my three adult children. Brenton Thomas

The 'Enneagram Professional Training Program' has been a fabulous, enlightening experience. I have gained much insight through observation, exploration and education of personality through shared stories. The structured training process and excellent guidance through supervision has provided a wonderful environment for my personal growth. I would definitely encourage those considering to have a go.  Ruth Dunwoodie, Physiotherapist

The practical techniques and self-understanding I gained during the training program have been incredibly valuable to me; they have carried me through some difficult challenges in a very life-affirming way. What I learned has really stuck with me. I now have effective tools as well as knowledge that enable me to observe as well as manage the defensive habits that have handicapped me throughout life. I find that most of the time I behave toward others in a more loving way and enjoy greater peace and satisfaction in daily life. I highly recommend the training to all of humanity. Beren Coulthard