Jenny Ritchie

Jenny Ritchie is a certified Enneagram teacher and mentor through the Enneagram Professional Training Program â„¢. Since 1998, she has used this profile to provide coaching, consultation and supervision to those in personal and corporate environments.

She believes the Enneagram is a step toward effective communication that provides an understanding of the similarities between ourselves and others while creating and sustaining healthy and satisfying relationships.

Jenny undertook a Diploma in Counselling and Communication to support her strong belief that the Narrative Tradition is a teaching method that is an invaluable aid to the psychological and spiritual growth of her clients. She has worked as a Research Associate on a project investigating the genetic etiology of mental health. This has involved interviewing those suffering major depressive illnesses. She has also undertaken work as a recruitment consultant assisting in the interview process for organisations offering a perspective of personality within the workplace.

Today, Jenny works in numerous organisations supporting clients in their emotional or practical day to day issues. She offers self exploration using the Enneagram profile through workshops, personal companioning, supervision and narrative panel forums. Jenny currently lives in Brisbane, is married and has 4 adult children.


Marie Cushing

Marie Cushing

Marie is a certified Enneagram teacher and mentor with the Enneagram Profession Training Programâ„¢ and has conducted workshops and facilitated panel forums over a number of years. She has a degree in business and with more than twenty years experience in both private and public sectors, brings a wealth of understanding of organisational life at all levels.

Through her association with the Trifold School in the United States of America, she has formed strong bonds and contacts with Enneagram communities in various parts of the world. She strongly believes that the lived experience that comes from personality awareness can greatly enhance our personal relationships. With this in mind, she has worked with individuals and groups to enhance their spiritual and psychological growth.

Marie shares her time between Brisbane and Melbourne. She is married and has two adult sons.


Maureen Fryga

Maureen Fryga is an enthusiastic and experienced facilitator who has been studying and working with the Enneagram for over seven years. Her comprehensive experience in senior management and operational services has provided an awareness of the difficulties of cultural change. She has continually expanded her self-knowledge with her training and has applied the Enneagram to her workplace.

Maureen is passionate about social justice and those who are marginalised.

She continues to introduce people to the Enneagram in order to facilitate transformation in their lives.


Wallace Johnson

Wallace Johnson is a psychotherapist and counselor who has been engaged in executive support services for 23 years. Wallace trained as a contemplative monk for thirteen years and was ordained a priest in 1975. He commenced training as a psychodynamic psychotherapist in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1978 and resigned from priesthood the following year. He was granted membership of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists and Counselors in 1981 and returned to Australia the following year.

Wallace has a wide and varied experience in dealing with individuals and groups. He has worked with and provided consultation services to prisoners before the Courts; supported executive management teams in educational institutions; provided supervision and support to executive management teams within Federal and State Statutory authorities; been a consultant on selection panels for Senior Executive positions; and consulted to the leadership teams of religious institutions. Wallace conducts a private counseling practice for individuals and those seeking to improve their relationships both at an individual and a professional level.

Wallace has been married for 27 years and has two adult sons. He resides in Brisbane.