David Daniels MD

David is a clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford Medical School and co-author of The Essential Enneagram. In private practice for more than three decades, David has taught the Enneagram system at Stanford University, in the community and internationally for 15 years. He brings his knowledge of the Enneagram to individuals, couples and groups, and to a wide range of applications in clinical practice and the workplace.




Helen Palmer

Helen has authored five highly acclaimed books in the field of human consciousness. The Enneagram and The Enneagram in Love and Work are perennial international bestsellers, now in 21 languages. Helen was featured in the PBS documentary, Breaking Out of the Box: Discovering the Enneagram, and has co-taught the Enneagram Professional Training with David since 1988.




Peter O'Hanrahan

Peter has taught the Enneagram to helping professionals, business groups and the public for 20 years. Since 1978 Peter has integrated the Enneagram into his practice as a counselor and body therapist. He managed the Center for Human Growth in Berkeley, California from 1977 to 1989, incorporating the Enneagram in the program. Peter is the director of internships and program manager for the EPTP.



Terry Saracino MA MBA

Terry has taught the Enneagram professionally to individuals and organizations throughout the United States as a tool for personal, professional and spiritual growth since 1989. As the founder of the Enneagram Center in Denver, Colorado, she has taught classes, facilitated type and study groups, and counseled individuals. Terry has mentored candidates for certification and conducted certification weekends since 1991.



 NB: Instructors vary with location. The scheduled instructor for Melbourne, March 5 - 10, 2011 is Peter O'Hanrahan.